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Off to Bavaria

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rain 21 °C

This week I took the boys to Bavaria, to see their Grandparents. Oma and Opa live about an hour away from Munich, in a small village called ‘Burgau’. Thank god the navigator is back up and running otherwise I would have had a hell of a time trying to figure everything out. As I mentioned in the previous blog, I am getting quite used to driving on the Autobahn, and now feel completely normal driving on the wrong/right side of the road. I think my average speed is around 150 to 160 km/h and Mum before you freak out there are people going much much faster!

Middle of Bavaria.jpg

About 15 minutes away from Burgau is Legoland Deutschland. So of course Oma and I took the boys along for the day. Now I have been to Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, but the queues for Legoland were just ridiculous. Apparently it’s in the middle of most peoples journeys to other places, so every man and his dog comes for a day. Luckily it was slightly overcast the whole day so it wasn’t too hot, but there really was no chance of going on many rides. Most of it was pretty well done and actually kind of interesting, if you were a kid you’d be in heaven.

Mike and Max.jpg
Mike and Max at Legoland

I got a little nostalgic; especially when in the Duplo section as I used to have some of the books as well as all the bricks. You could probably spend several days there, but one was more than enough for me. That night before sunset, I took a walk out in to the country, past mostly fields of maize and listened to the glorious sound of nothing – reminded me of home until I turned a corner and saw Europe’s (and possibly the Worlds) biggest Nuclear Power plant. Ahhh bliss.

Bavaria Aug 06 018.jpg
Guarding the castle gates, in Legoland

The next day the weather really turned bad, you would never believe it was the middle of summer. I took the boys to an indoor play centre, and then Opa took us on a drive out into the country and we had a tour through some caves. The region is famous for uncovering lots of dinosaur fossils and also bones of Neanderthals and Mammoths. The caves were ok, but as the tour was in German I switched off. I kept on thinking of comparisons to NZ. Although I haven’t been in the Waitomo caves, (so I may need to be corrected) I don’t think New Zealanders would actually intentionally destroy a naturally phenomenon like stagnites and stallites just to put some lights up would we? I am sure the caves I have been in before, you either individually carry torches, or the leader carries a big gas lantern thingee. Well in the cave I went to, they had strung lights up everywhere, and you could quite clearly see where they’d knocked things down, and then put putty like substance over cables to attempt hiding them. And sadly no glow worms.


On the way back Opa took me to some Bavarian churches in the Baroque style, which are quite different from other parts of Germany. Every village, no matter how small has a huge church – usually smack bang in the middle. It is incredible to think that most of these churches were built in the 17th Century and at the time there were probably at most only 200 people living in the actual village. The churches are massive, and because most of them are Catholic they are lavishly decorated inside, and would have been phenomenally expensive and time consuming to build. I left the boys in Bavaria, where their parents will join them tomorrow and then they’ll all head to Austria.

Well I now have two whole glorious weeks to spend as I please, so I am off to Italy - who knows what adventures await me.

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